Privacy Policy

Regarding on how to handle personal information of our customers that we have been provided, we shall prevent the loss and leak of the information and state the following policy from the perspective of protecting it. In addition, based on this policy, we shall endeavor to maintain the management of personal information, such as stipulating the rules for personal information and disseminate and educate all our executives and staff.

  • 1. Compliance to the Laws and Regulations, etc.

    Our company shall install a manager in addition to complying with the laws, the guidelines of the competent authorities, and any other rules concerning the handling of personal information.

  • 2. Appropriate Obtainment of Personal Information

    Our company shall utilize appropriate and fair methods when obtaining personal information. When directly obtaining personal information from a third party, we shall refuse such information if the provider is suspected to have unfairly obtained the information. We shall obtain the consent to use from the individual of such personal information, or we will notify the necessary matters via our company website from the internet, direct mail, pamphlets, magazine advertisements (hereinafter, referred to as advertisements), etc.

  • 3. Usage in accordance with the Purpose

    When using personal information, our company shall obtain the consent of the individual, or limit the use to only person(s) that has been granted the right to use it in their specific work, and is within the purpose and scope of collecting the information, as stated in the advertisement. When statistically analyzing the personal information, any information that can identify a specific individual (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.) shall be excluded and blurred out.

  • 4. Securing the Accuracy and Relevancy of the Content

    Regarding personal information that our company holds, we shall endeavor to secure the accuracy and revise the contents to be up-to-date.

  • 5. Provision to External Sources

    Our company shall not disclose or provide personal information that we have obtained, except in the following cases.

    • We have the consent of the individual
    • We have been requested to disclose and/or provide the information based on the laws and regulations, or are under orders from a public authority
    • We have determined that it is necessary to prevent the serious damage or loss to the life, body, health, property, etc. of the public
    • We have outsourced the handling of personal information to a subcontractor to whom we have executed a confidentiality agreement regarding personal information, and that such a disclosure is within the scope to complete the work
    • We have been requested to disclose and/or provide to our agent, general counsel, certified public accountant, and/or auditor
    • We have processed such information as being strictly statistical data and the information cannot identify an individual
  • 6. Subcontracting and Shared Use

    In the event that personal data is entrusted due to a subcontract or shared and used between a third party, each company shall confirm the personal information protection system of the other party in addition to providing contractual aid and take measures considering the protection of personal information.

  • 7. Inquiry Support

    If a disclosure, revision, deletion, suspension of use (hereinafter, referred to as disclosures) regarding an individual’s personal information has been requested, based on the laws, regulations, and in-house rules, our company shall quickly support such claims after confirming that the request has been made by the individual. In addition, various types of services may become limited and/or lost due to the request to delete and/or suspend the use of personal information.

    For requests and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please directly contact the person in charge that is indicated on the advertisement. If the person in charge is unclear, please contact the following Privacy Policy counter.

    Sense Things Japan INC.
    4F Nishihonmachi Solar Building, 3-1-43, Nishihon-machi, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 550-0005
    TEL: (+81) (0) 6-6210-4388
    FAX: (+81) (0) 6-6210-4389
    Service Hours: Monday through Friday (except national holidays, Year-end and New Year’s Holidays) 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • 8. Safe Management of Personal Information

    In handling personal information, our entire company shall establish a safe system and take the appropriate measures to prevent the leak, destruction and/or damage to the personal data, and safely manage other types of personal data.

  • 9. Continuously Improve the Personal Information Protection System

    In addition to enacting the Compliance to Personal Information Protection and the in-house rules pertaining to personal information, our company shall endeavor to continuously revise and improve it.

Sense Things Japan INC.
Representative Director and President, Shutaro Kashima