AI-based hand tracking and gesture recognition software for cameras

Joints-Based Skeletal Structure

Software imposes a joints-based skeletal structure on hand in camera view

  • Hand image fed by the camera is not treated as a conventional blob*
  • A skeletal structure containing 21 joints is imposed on each hand in camera view
  • Positional coordinates for all hand joints are available in real-time via API
  • For normal 2D cameras, (x,y) positional coordinates are provided
  • For 3D depth cameras, (x,y,z) positional coordinates are provided
*blob…binary large object

Powerful Benefits

Provides powerful benefits compared to traditional image-based approach

  • Highly sophisticated hand tracking
  • Support for all gesture categories
  • Nearly 100% recognition accuracy
  • 10x lower gesture development costs
  • No training data collection requirement
  • Hand placement in the environment
  • Unique ID assignment for each hand
  • Hand side and hand face views
  • Deployable on MPU, CPU, or GPU

Multi-Hand Tracking

Software can track multiple hands performing complex tasks

Static, Drawing and Dynamic Gestures

Software supports wide variety of static, drawing and dynamic gestures

  • Static Gesture:

    Static Gesture:

    OK Symbol

  • Dynamic Gesture:

    Drawing Gesture:

    @ Sign

  • Action Gesture:

    Dynamic Gesture:


RGB, NIR, and Depth Cameras

Software supports RGB (color), NIR (near infrared), and Depth (3D) cameras

  • RGB Camera

    RGB Camera

  • NIR Camera

    NIR Camera

  • Depth Camera

    Depth Camera

Wide Variety of Applications

Software supports gestures-based interaction applications in all major verticals