Active Noise Cancellation

The human normally can hear about 20Hz to 20000Hz.
Our partner, Silentium (Israel), specializes in Active Noise Cancellation,
and has much experiences in many products with their own original algorithms
compatible with a wide range of frequencies and high responsiveness.
As the partner in Japan with Silentium, and we will provide solutions from
POC to mass production utilizing their superior technology.

Main Benefit

  • Audio bubbles

    Audio bubbles

    Personalized sound can be created in public settings

  • Proven solution

    Proven solution

    Flexible and modular solution that can be customized for products and applications

  • Promotes health

    Promotes health

    Noise raises heart rate, blood pressure, hearing loss and stress levels

  • エネルギー効果

    Energy efficiency

    Noisy products can work at full capacity without damaging ear drums

  • Reduced bulk and weight

    Reduced bulk and weight

    Actively silenced products require less bulk and weight used for passive sound control

  • Wanted sound

    Wanted sound

    Unwanted noise can be customised and shaped to become wanted sound

Original algorithm realize 4 types of solution

  • QB3


    Solution for Personal Sound Bubble

  • QB2


    Solution for Zonal Noise Polluters

  • Ducted ANC

    Ducted ANC

    Solution for Point Noise Polluters

  • Ducted ANC


    Point solution for Zonal Noise Polluters

Building Blocks
  • QB3

    S/W Library for DSP’s

  • QB2

    S-Cube™ controllers

  • Ducted ANC

    Sensors & Loudspeakers

ANC Solution examples in Automotive

  • Personal Sound Bubble

    Personal Sound Bubble

    Personal & Private Sound Zones

  • QB2

    Active Road Noise Cancelation

    Improved Customer experience & Weight saving

  • Active Wind Noise Cancelation

    Active Wind Noise Cancelation

    Improved Customer experience & Weight saving

  • Ducted ANC

    A/C Noise Cancelation

    Improved Customer experience

  • Engine Order Cancellation

    Engine Order Cancellation

    Improved customer experience

  • Acoustic Vehicle Alert System

    Acoustic Vehicle Alert System

    Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System