Industrial Camera Business

We are developing inspection camera systems that utilize the image processing technology that we have cultivated in our security related business. We provide cameras that can accommodate the needs of our customers and work as a substitute for the human eye.

Features of inspection cameras business

Our inspection cameras detects defectives with highly efficient image-matching and replace the human visual inspections.

Product information

Product Introduction

MOQSEE(Released in October)

This camera enables automate the visual inspections replacing the human eyes. Easily setting up can realize the highly precise inspection immediately after installation.

① Various inspections are solved , such as detecting the existence of components in through-holes and preventing assembly-errors, etc.
  • Existence and polarity of electrolytic capacitors
  • Different connectors, upside-downmounting
  • Different color code of resistors
  • Existence of screws
  • Missing accessories
  • Different harness colors
②Simply Setting-up

Easy setup by just encircling it with a mouse

  • - Can inspect components by marking with squares or circles.
  • - Can register 100 components under one inspection.
  • - Can use the same inspections up to 200 on repeat production.