Industrial Camera Business

Newly launched the inspection camera systems for the industrial markets based on our knowledge of the image processing technology through our security business experiences.. Our inspection cameras can detect the defects instead of the human eyes.

AI Visual Inspection System

Through our proposal of our AI visual inspection system with our original deep learning engine, we can solve the current situation relying on experts’ experiences and skills.

Aftermarket Products and Services

We plan and develop the connected car products and telematics, etc, and provide drive recorders, OBDII devices with connected service from cloud, and other original products.

Security Products

Proud of high safety and security, we provide security products to No.1 Security company as ODM and/or OEM. Starting with proposals, we design, develop and manufacture the high quality products based on the customers’ requirement with our long term experiences of developments and manufacturing.

IoT Solution Services

With the experiences and knowhow of hardware and software, we develop the unique products and harmonize with the new technology, such as AI and cloud systems targeting the creation of values and markets.