Optimal for the Scene
The Optimal Image Processing Technology

From expressing images more real than actual surveillance footages to image processing that substitute the human eye during inspection, it is all based on the following technologies.

Image Quality Design

An optimal image quality without overexposure will be realized, even in scenes (Ex. backlight from a setting sun) of various installation situations.

Light Distribution Design (Night Vision Function)

At night, a screen with balanced illumination and unaffected by the proximity and distance is realized through the optimal light distribution balance and image adjustment of infrared illumination.

For Longer Life Span and Stable Operation
Highly-Reliable Design Technology

We offer high quality products that are based on the following design knowhow that was cultivated from years of providing long-lasting and high quality products that are required for industrial-grade products.

Board design for high quality and stable operation

High quality and stable operating boards are designed by implementing waveform analysis simulation, and countermeasures for power resonance frequency are implemented through power plane shapes and bypass condensers, as well as using noise canceling tools, reducing unnecessary radiation, and implementing noise-resistant substrate wiring.

A reliable design that is superior to general standards

Unnecessary radiation: under 40 dB [VCCI classB: 47 dB (3m method)], static electricity: ±12 KV (IEC: ±8 KV), etc. We develop products under in-house reliability standards that are much stricter than the general standard values used for electrical equipment.

Embedded Software Knowhow

Our company designs hardware in-house to maximize the hardware specification for our software development. We have also been engaged in highly reliable embedded software development, such as fail-safe operation in times of emergency, to substantial logging functions that place importance on analyzability and maintainability from our years of development experience in security products.

Heat Design Simulation

In order to realize a long lasting product, we implement heat design to restrict rising temperatures inside a product. By performing simulations before prototypes, we can determine the optimal heat dissipation structure of the product and work towards reducing heat dissipating parts, such as heat dissipating rubber and heat sinks to lower the number of components and cost reduction.

Knowhow for various types of mold design

To support products with various designs, we have experiences in various mold designs, such as resin molding, bicolor molding, die-cast aluminum, aluminum extrusion mold. As a result, we can provide a design that accommodates the customer’s requirements.

For maintaining high quality
An eye for screening production sites and production engineering

We are a fabless manufacture and can implement a strict screening process to select a collaborator that can manufacture our products according to our specifications. In order to control the quality of the factory while utilizing its characteristics, we implement the following.

Screening the production collaborator

We screen production sites according to the product specifications.

  • Production Management Department screens a production site, starting with the product specification
  • Quality Assurance Department implements an audit to certify factory

In the event the audit is not certified by the Quality Assurance Department, another screening for a production site will be implemented with the aim to produce a product with an even higher quality. Currently, we are manufacturing products at 3 domestic locations and 2 locations in Taiwan as our major production collaborators.

Inspecting the manufacturing process

Regarding product manufacturing, our Production Management Department, Development Department, and Quality Assurance Department will work together with the production collaborator to build and inspect the manufacturing process starting from the component procurement and board mounting quality to the product assembly and shipment from the production site. Mass production will begin only after the audit certification by the Quality Assurance Department to ensure the mass and stable production of high quality products.

Develop mass production inspection facility

The design of the inspection facility for the manufacturing process shall be performed by our company that has developed the product. This is to prevent defective products from entering the market by realizing an inspection without failed oversight through a production with minimum workload.

Solve the needs of our customers
Our Company’s IoT Technology

Through the innovation born from the needs of our customers to the technology (seeds) of our company, we want to develop new products and services based on the following.

Edge Device

Based on our years of security monitoring know-how, we provide edge devices (devices) that sense the information required from images, sound, light, temperature, humidity, weight, sound, geomagnetism, acceleration, etc. We provide the best products to meet the needs of our customers and trends in the world.

A stable network system

By collecting accurate information (without delay) from the edge device that senses information and collecting it into a server or the cloud, we will provide a fast and stable network system that can display the information and/or development for analyzing information.

Optimal analysis and feedback by AI

By utilizing the AI technology that our company is engaged in, we will build a system that will provide the optimal analysis results required by our customers and secured feedback.